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S​pring Advanced Acupuncture

Fertility & Pregnancy

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally

or are going through IVF, acupuncture can offer

a great support to the process. The road to

conception and pregnancy can be a difficult and

demanding one and acupuncture can help

ensure the best possible outcome. I have

experience and further training in using

acupuncture to support fertility and pregnancy

and offer tailored treatment plans for women and men to ensure great health for good fertility.

Acupuncture for Assisted Conception (IVF)

Research shows that acupuncture can increase the success rate of IVF by up to 65%. “Effects of acupuncture on rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing in vitro fertilisation: systematic review and meta-analysis“.

Many couple chose acupuncture as an adjunct therapy alongside their IVF protocol as a way to help keep body and mind as relaxed and healthy as possible. I usually recommend patients who are about to start IVF, begin with a full initial consultation to talk through the whole IVF process. This includes;

Medical – what tests you may have had previously and what your medicial history has been
Nutritional –  what dietary changes may be introduced to support the IVF process and bolster health
Lifestyle – what lifestyle changes will enhance this demanding stage of life

Ideally, I like to see patients least two to three  months before the IVF cycle is due to begin. However, if the interval is shorter there is still plenty that can be done.

Once treatment begins it is good to keep up with treatment to deal with the side effects of the fertility drugs and keep as de stressed as possible. On the day of transfer acupuncture is recommend before and sometimes afterwards to give the process the best possible chance of success.

If the IVF cycle is not successful, Acupuncture can help prepare for the next cycle or restore the body to its normal function if no further treatment is followed.

Acupuncture for Natural Conception

Acupuncture can be a great treatment for couples trying for a natural conception. It’s difficult to predict how long it will take a women to get pregnant as it is different and unique for each of us. Age, health, reproductive health and how often you actually have sex are all factors.

Most couples (about 84 out of every 100) will get pregnant within a year if they have regular sex and don’t use contraception. (NHS, 2013)

I offer individuals and couples an assessment of their reproductive health and history as well as physical and emotional health, in order to identify what may be going wrong. If necessary referal may be needed for further medical examinations and tests. Or a course of acupuncture treatment,alongside some dietary and lifestyle changes may be enough to optimise fertility and achieve conception.

Acupuncture for Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal recovery

In Chinese medicine acupuncture is one of the key times in a womans’ life when how she behaves can either strengthen or weaken her overall health. Acupuncture can offer a safe and natural way to ensure you thrive through pregnancy, labour and post natal recovery. Acupuncture in pregnancy can help with

  • Morning sickness
  • Headaches
  • Back, pelvis pain
  • Preparation for labour
  • Inducing labour
  • Turning breech babies
  • Tiredness
  • Breastfeeding
  • Recovery from birth

I also run acupressure for pain relief in labour workshops for expectant mothers and their birthing partners. The aim is to teach participants a selection of acupressure points which can then be used to help with pain relief through the different stages of labour. For more information see http://www.hannahpearn.com/acupressure-pain-relief-labour/

Acupuncture for all things hormonal

One of the strengths of acupuncture is its ability to regulate hormonal imbalances. It can be a successful and natural way to treat any of the following

  • PMT
  • Painful periods
  • No periods
  • Heavy periods
  • Menopausal problems
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis