S​pring Advanced Acupuncture

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I had my first session with Angela today and she was great. With my 45 minute session she relived 80% of my sciatica pain. And left me with 'homework' till our next session in 4 days. She was caring and truly concerned about my well being. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a natural, holistic way to treat pain without meds. I've already talked to a friend who is very interested in using her expertise. I'm looking forward to my next visit that is going to be very different to this first visit. Cupping and different needle placements. BTW, the needles do not hurt! Did not feel most and a couple were 'odd' sensation.. Thank you Angela for caring for me today.
~ Sharla M. · July 8, 2017 

Helpful?Angela is a very warm, caring person who's very knowledgeable about acupuncture and truly cares for your health and does everything she can to make you better.
~ Anu G. · June 16, 2017 

Helpful?They are very good and listen to what you need help to alleviate pain in your body.
~ Josie C. · February 6, 2017 

Helpful?Dr Angela Lee is smart, intuitive, kind and comprehensive in her approach. Each session I've had with her included a consult/status, needle treatment, cupping, massage, and warm fruit tea. She is a gifted healer, I highly recommend her acupuncture treatments!  
~ Alicia K. · May 30, 2017